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According to the AMP Financial Wellness study conducted in 2018two in five Australian employees will experience financial stress over their working lives. This will last on average for 6.4 years or more.  

Financially stressed employees are less engaged at work and are more likely to underperform and take additional time off. This has a financial impact for Australian businesses to the tune of $31.1 billion annually.

Our financial planning team will not only help your employees get their finances in order, but we will also conduct regular health checks and financial education sessions to ensure your staff stay on track and adopt healthy financial habits to ensure for the rest of their life.

Financial Planning


  • Financial & personal Goal setting

  • Personal finances / Will / insurances organised & reviewed 

  • Income planning

  • Debt management plan

  • Mortgage review 

  • Review current investment plan

  • Review insurance policies

  • Review superannuation fund

  • Review estate plan

  • Group fitness sessions

  • Nutrition advice

  • Yoga 

  • Pilates

  • Meal plans 

  • Access to free workouts


  • Annual team building activity

  • Meditation 

  • Goal setting and coaching sessions

  • Performance psychology 

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